DY1017 - Detrum GY48V Head Lock Gyro

DY1017 - Detrum GY48V Head Lock Gyro
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Detrum GY48V Head Lock Gyro with AVCS

An AVCS gyro is an Angular Velocity Command type gyro. An AVCS gyro is an Angular Velocity Command type gyro. with an AVCS gyro, when the helicopter encounters a cross-wind and the tail drifts, a control signal from the gyro stops the drift. At the same time, the gyro computes the drift angle and constantly outputs a control signal that resists the cross-wind. Therefore, drifting of the tail can be stopped even if the cross-wind continues to effect the helicopter.

Designed for Gas and Electric Model Helicopters size 400 and 450

1) Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 20 mm
2) Digital proportional R/C system
3) Operating voltage: 4.8V ~ 6V
7) Operating temperature:-10c~ +45c
8) Operating current: 80ma
9) Weight 20 grams including leads and connectors


Digital Servo Mode Switch (DS): The ON position is the high-speed output mode for digital servos. When using a normal servo, always set this switch to the OFF position.

Gyro Operation Direction Switch (DIR): Switches the gyro control direction. This must be switched according to the direction of rotation of the main rotor and the direction of the rudder

Limit Trimmer (LIMIT): Sets the maximum travel of the rudder servo.

Control Delay Trimmer (DELAY): Rudder control signal operation speed trimmer.

Sensitivity Switching Connector: Gyro sensitivity switching signal input connector. Connect to the receiver sensitivity switching channel (normally CH5). This connector is also used to simultaneously switch between the AVCS and normal operation modes.

This servo is similar to the Futaba GY401.

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